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CRS - Meet Megha

CRS - Meet Megha

Supporting Sustainable Nutrition for Families in Need

Rooted Products do so much more than enhance your skin and self care routines, Rooted products are enriching others! One of the most exciting parts about the adventure that is Rooted for Good is the opportunity that we have had to partner with amazing individuals and organizations each month that are really dedicated to making the world a better place and are making a difference! This month Rooted has the opportunity to come alongside Catholic Relief Services and support the great work they are doing around the globe, particularly through their campaign against world hunger.

The tragic reality is that so many communities across the world are experiencing life-threatening levels of hunger and malnutrition at an unprecedented scale. And the urgency is escalating as families are struggling to meet their food needs due to the compound effects of conflict, climate isues, COVID-19 and rising food costs. Right now, 49 million people in 46 countries face extreme, life-threatening conditions of hunger and malnutrition. They are among a reported 323 million people globally facing acute food insecurity—an increase of 60% in just one year, according to the World Food Program.

Catholic Relief Services works alongside communities in more than 100 countries to ensure they can access nutritious food in emergency situations, overcome issues like climate change that increase hunger, and create sustainable livelihoods so families can support themselves and remain healthy.

In East India, flooding from storms frequently cuts off families’ access to local markets and destroys their farms, putting their health and livelihoods at risk. As part of a CRS disaster preparedness program, families learn how to grow foods that withstand storms, cyclones and floods, as well as how to cook nutrient-rich meals so their children receive the nutrients they need grow. With reliable access to nutritious food, these families can be successful at home, at work and in school, ensuring rich and vibrant futures for all.

Megha’s story highlights the challenge CRS’ program is addressing, and the success the program is having. Like a lot of moms, Megha Singh does her grocery shopping at the nearest market. She often buys spinach and other vegetables to make a special curry that her children love. But sometimes getting to the market is impossible—the closest is five miles away from the Singh family’s home. They live in a small village in East India on the Malaguni River, and when the river overflows and floods the road, the family’s access to the market is cut off. The Singh family must rely solely on rice from their fields until the water subsides.

As part of a disaster preparedness project, Catholic Relief Services is teaching Megha—and others like her who live in remote, vulnerable communities—how to grow a small garden that can withstand storms and provide vegetables for nutritious family meals. By planting seeds in innovative sacks that can be easily moved to higher ground, Megha can grow tomatoes, spinach and other leafy vegetables to ensure her family has reliable access to nourishing food, even during cyclones and floods.

Megha has also learned the importance of proper nutrition—crucial in India where 48% of children under age 5 experience developmental and growth deficits as a result of malnutrition. Megha ensures her family gets the nutrients they need to stay healthy by incorporating leafy vegetables from her garden, like spinach, in the family’s daily meals.

“The garden is very helpful because we can immediately harvest vegetables, cook them and feed the children. We can get plenty of nutrition: iron, vitamin A and C, and other vitamins,” Megha says.

We are most excited to share that for the month of February, 10 cents of every dollar spent on Rooted products will be directed to helping families like Megha’s through CRS! At Rooted for Good we believe that business can be a force for good in the world, and that you can buy products that are effective and nourishing for your skin and life, which are also making a positive impact in the lives of others! Help us get the word out about your favorite all natural products and the impact they are making!

In addition to changing the world with your purchase, you can make a difference through advocacy and action.

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