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OUR LADY OF REST ELDERLY HOME - Bringing Help to Haiti

OUR LADY OF REST ELDERLY HOME - Bringing Help to Haiti

At Rooted for Good, our goal is twofold.  The first is to provide you with quality skincare products that allow your natural beauty to shine.  But we are honored to say that our second goal is to uplift someone in need in a developing country with 10% of our sales every month. Our Good For Others partners change with each month to maximize the good impact of YOUR purchases.

Each month, through our Good for Others blog, we share the ways that your purchases are making a difference in someone's life!  This month, 10% of your purchases will be helping the elderly and disabled - some of the most neglected and rejected of God’s children in Haiti. 

Some friends of Rooted for Good in Haiti have a beautiful vision - to create a heaven on earth for the poorest of the poor in their community. Following Christ’s command to serve the least among us, a team of dedicated missionaries built the Our Lady of Rest Elderly Home in L’Asile, Haiti.

The elderly home is currently blessed with 13 residents!  They provide for both the physical and spiritual needs of their residents - including food, clothing, shelter, medical needs, spiritual needs, and even access to the sacraments! These individuals would have nowhere else

to go without the love and support provided by Our Lady of Rest Elderly Home.

As with any charity, these good workers are in need of funds to help them to pay the salaries of their Haitian staff who run the home.  They also need financial help to purchase the daily essentials needed to keep the home running.

This month, 10% of your face wash, sugar scrubs, and essential oil purchases will go directly to helping support Our Lady of Rest Elderly Home in Haiti. These little missions are our priority - no need is too small.

For the 13 individuals living at the elderly home, your support is far from trivial. It means a full life of purpose for them!

Thank you for your purchases! 

Learning and Growing Together,

Anna Ketterling

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