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“CARITAS PROGRAM” AND “ANGAT BUHAY”: A Month with a Double Mission!

“CARITAS PROGRAM” AND “ANGAT BUHAY”:   A Month with a Double Mission!

Come with us to the Philippines in this month of June!

We at Rooted for Good are asking for your support in a bigger way than usual!  Many members of our Rooted for Good staff have connections in the Philippines, where there is a huge need for funds in many places. 

With 10% of your sales, we will be supporting TWO missions in need this month in the Philippines.  That means we need you to come alongside us even more so to help these two worthy causes through your purchases this month.  10% of all purchases will go toward “The Caritas Program” and “Angat Buhay.”  Keep reading to learn about these amazing missions!


Situated in Poblacion, Sante Fe, Cebu, Santo Niño Roman Catholic Parish has a special program that they offer for their many parishioners: “The Caritas Program.”

Fr Dave Villaceran, the only parish priest there, offers a service for individuals in need.

Every week, his team will visit one “barangay” (village) to find what he calls the “least, lost, and last” of their brothers and sisters within the community.

They visit the farthest locations of each barangay to identify the right beneficiary of the program on a week by week basis. 

On Sunday after the 2nd Mass, the selected beneficiary will be provided basic items such as rice, groceries, and other necessities depending on their needs (e.g., pillows, mats, blankets, water dispensers, kettles, bed pads, etc.). 

This “Caritas Program” (“caritas,” being Latin for “charity”) is organized by a group of volunteers and religious, led by Fr Dave Villaceran himself as the only parish priest.  

Rooted is blessed to assist this small parish with necessary funds at the end of June to help keep this program going.  Please help us to “Alay-Kapwa” (“Help a Family”) by purchasing from Rooted for Good this month and your 10% will go directly toward providing necessities to a needy member of the Santo Niño Roman Catholic Parish in Cebu!


Angat Pinas Inc. (commonly known as “Angat Buhay”) is a non-profit organization that inspires hope and “bayanihan” (community spirit) by harnessing the energies of partners, volunteers, and supporters to empower Filipino communities, especially the marginalized.

Their four main advocacy pillars are public education, public health, disaster relief and rehabilitation, and community engagement / empowerment. Their impact has also branched out to include work in rural development, food security and nutrition, women’s empowerment, and more!

Their vision is to respond to the needs of marginalized communities in the Philippines by mobilizing the largest volunteer network to implement “Bayanihan” programs.

Their mission is to empower Filipinos in becoming communities of active citizens as they collectively pursue a life of dignity and hope. Their core values are “creative and effective responsiveness,” “collective spirit of community towards solidarity,” and “accountability in the service of the nation.”

Your purchases this month will go toward supporting these two worthy causes in the Philippines.  Though it may not feel like much, 10% ADDS UP, especially when you have NOTHING.

Every face wash you buy or sugar scrub that you purchase to gift to a friend helps a needy brother or sister in the Philippines this month.  Come alongside us in doing good for others by taking care of yourself! 

Thank you, from all of us at Rooted for Good!

Anna Ketterling

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