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Empowering Women Through Rahab's Rope

Empowering Women Through Rahab's Rope

Lena is 22 years old and was raised by her loving family in one of the slums of Goa. She is the eldest of five children. Four of the five children have a disease that seems to be genetic, but no one really knows. Their condition makes their limbs shorter than normal and some not straight.

A couple of the children can’t walk. But thank goodness, they are not carrying their crosses alone. This is where Rahab’s Rope comes in – our amazing Good For Others Partner this March!

Since 2004, Rahab’s Rope has spread awareness and worked to help eradicate human trafficking. They exist to empower women and children in the fight against human trafficking. One hundred percent of their profits from sales and donations fund the mission.

By creating a safe and loving environment through education and vocational training women and children are empowered to grow and develop physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. They work in the areas of prevention, direct intervention and aftercare.

"... God was opening my eyes to the women in crisis..."


The Founder of Rahab’s Rope, Vicki Moore, speaks about the history behind their name: "We believe nothing happens in our lives by chance and timing is God-appointed.

As God was opening my eyes to the women in crisis in India, I was also taking an Old Testament Bible class and was studying the story of Rahab, found in the book of Joshua.

The rope in the story represents Rahab's rescue both physically and spiritually. Due to the large amount of flax plant Rahab had, there is a high probability that Rahab made the rope herself.

Our hope is that, just as the rope that Rahab made represents her rescue, the skills taught to the women at our women's centers will represent their physical and spiritual rescue as well. It seemed fitting for Rahab's Rope to be our name."

Rahab's Rope exists to empower women and children in the fight against human trafficking. Our team seeks to equip the women with skills to live a life of hope and sustainability.

"...He replied, 'I would like for you to do something...'"

Moore says elsewhere that she felt inspired to do something when she came across a story that told how every day in India, about two hundred girls and women are forced into the commercial sex trade.

She began to search for more information and learned that every year, over four million women and children around the globe are trafficked into prostitution and slave labor.

The more she searched, the more atrocity she found. She could not get this newfound knowledge out of her mind, and she questioned God - "Why isn't someone doing something about this?"

As usual, when we ask, He replies, "I would like for you to do something."

Rahab’s Rope has been working in Goa since 2010. Lena was one of the first children to come to their afterschool program.  Lena has the genetic disease but the daughter born next does not.

Rahab’s Rope has worked with the family and helped keep the two older girls in school. Lena has become an amazing young woman and a shining example to the other young girls in the community. She has also taught some of the teenage girl's life skill classes.

"... transformation only comes through Him."

Lena graduated from college last year with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and Rahab’s Rope has been trying to help her find a job.

Because of her condition, stairs are difficult for her to climb and many of the office jobs she is qualified for are not ground level. In Goa, most ground level buildings are for shopping with offices built on the levels above.

However, they are so excited to report that only a few weeks ago Lena got a job in an office with the government which not only means she gets a good salary, but benefits as well.

Lena is so thankful to God and the help she has received through Rahab's Rope. Lena is one of many beautiful souls Rahab’s Rope has seen transform over the years in their community.

So many more children are getting to complete school, especially girls. When they first began their work in this community they were told by parent after parent, “girls don’t need to go to school they just need to do chores”. There are so many statistics on educating girls and how much it transforms communities.

Rahab’s Rope is blessed to be able to be a contributing factor in the transformation of the community. They are thankful to see an even greater transformation of people believing in Jesus.

True and complete transformation only comes through Him.

"They seek to reveal His love..."

Rahab Rope’s vision is to see lives transformed by God's love in action.

They seek to reveal His love in a way that an individual can see, understand, and respond to in faith.

This comes to life as each woman in their care is first provided for emotionally, physically, and spiritually,

We at Rooted for Good are so pleased to come alongside Rahab’s Rope in their service to Lena and to her community as a whole. 

As a Rooted community, together we ARE making a difference, one heart and life at a time. We want to multiply the impact, share about Rooted with your friends, family and on social media, and let people know what you love about your favorite all natural products!

Rooted truly is Good for You and Good for Others.

-Anna Berlinger

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