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Mary’s Meals Support - Extended thru January 2023

Mary’s Meals Turkana, Kenya

Friends, we are so blessed this year to once again partner with Mary’s Meals. Some of you may remember the great work Mary’s Meals does across the globe from our Good For Others support last November and December.

We are honored once again to come alongside this incredible organization to help feed children of families with very limited resources and access to food through Mary’s Meals school lunch program in Turkana Kenya.  We've extended our support from December 2022 to January 2023.

I love Mary’s Meals because they are taking an innovative, cost effective approach to ending child hunger, while simultaneously bolstering education opportunities for children who suffer from hunger and lack of access to healthy meals.

Mary’s Meals works with local communities to start, run and operate feeding programs in communities where endemic poverty can sometimes mean families must choose between their children receiving an education or children working in family farms/businesses in order to put food on the table

One of the advantages of Mary’s Meals approach is that it removes this catch-22 for families. Families no longer have to choose between keeping their kids home to work or going to school. Feeding programs in schools, essentially lifts this burden from the very poor in these communities by ensuring that educational and nutritional needs are both met. Beyond that, Mary’s Meals is committed to community “buy in”.

Volunteers from these communities are the logistics teams and provide the manpower to feed students. This means operational costs are kept low and as a result, more kids across the world get to eat each day. It also means that locals are true partners in feeding their community, and have buy-in, and get to see the fruit of their own investment of time and resource utilization.

This is how Mary’s Meals is able to provide a school meal for a child, each school day for a whole school year for only $21 - that is truly remarkable! As someone who loves efficiency and great solutions, I love Mary’s Meals model!

The need is particularly urgent this year. With general economic downturn and inflation affecting so many countries, further compounded by the war in Ukraine (which serves as a bread basket for much of Africa), the poor carry the load more heavily than most.

Rooted is so honored to say that $1 of every $10 you spend on Rooted products this December will be going to the great work of Mary’s Meals in Turkana, Kenya this year where Mary’s Meals has recently been able to expand their feeding program to include elementary school kids beyond the work they have established for the preschool classes.

Help us spread the word about Mary’s Meals and Rooted for Good and let’s see how many kids we can feed together!

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