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Something Fishy is Happening with Your Sugar Scrubs!


One of the amazing aspects of this whole Rooted For Good endeavor is the incredible connection that exists between each premium all-natural skin care product you use, and some one (or some ones) in need around the world. The invisible, but very real, thread that weaves our customers to our neighbors in need elsewhere is the one of the best aspects of using Rooted products, hence our “Good for You Good For Others” motto! 

This month there is something fishy going on in Peru, and we are excited to share all about it. Some of our dear friends the Erismans moved to Peru 3 years ago to serve in the rural foothills of the Andes mountains. I’m really proud of the Erisman family and the way they are giving so fully of themselves to bless others. They have dived deep into their new life in Peru and are building real relationships, friendships and disciples. Ever since launching our Good For Others projects, I have been waiting for the right month to reach out to Robert and Tami Erisman to see if they had any special projects or needs we could support. June was that month. 


Feeding the Poor


Robert and Tami along with their beautiful crew of kids (their son Aaron is Brooke and my godson), had only just moved to Peru a few short months before Robert was on the hunt for a mechanic (Robert seems to spend lots of time at the mechanic shop). The Lord has a funny way of working things out, because while Robert was looking to get his mission vehicle fixed, God had something else in mind. Enter Jose. Jose owned a little mechanic shop and business in Winge, one small village over from the Erismans. He was at a low point in his life, separated from his wife and family and living a wayward life. God used a broken vehicle to begin to mend Jose’s life. Robert hit it off with Jose, and his many car issues gave Robert opportunities to visit and share the Good News with Jose. After a time, Robert invited Jose to come to church with him and attend Mass. That one Mass changed Jose’s life forever! He encountered God’s love and mercy, reconciled with God, the Church, and then his family. So great was Jose’s transformation, that he himself felt a burning desire to serve and bless others the way he had been blessed! With his dynamic charisma and entrepreneurial mind, Jose has embarked on a number of creative projects to support those in need around him. Robert and Tami have collaborated on a few projects which have provided him extra income that he uses to bless the neediest members of his community. The Erisman’s have been absolutely awed by the commitment Jose and his family have shown to giving to others; not out of their abundance, but even from their need! Jose and his family are still living in a temporary lean-to housing situation built off his wife Dianth’s family’s home. Yet when the pandemic hit Peru last year, rather than using the money from his new corn crop to improve their own housing situation, Jose used the profits from the sale of his corn to make sure the least in his community wouldn’t go without. His story of transformation and radical generosity is truly inspiring. 


It took the whole of one minute for Tami and Robert to decide the best use of our Good for Others funds this past month, which brings me to the fishy thing happening with your sugar scrubs. This month Rooted is so honored to be supporting Jose in his latest endeavor of building out a fish farming operation. This fish farm will give Jose a sustainable income and resource to continue his mission of helping the needy from his small community and beyond with their food and medical needs. The 10% of Rooted sales for June was enough to cover the special plastic lining needed to fill the fish ponds, and the food that will feed the fish, that will make a difference for Jose, his family and those in need in Winge, Peru. Isn’t God good? 


Feeding the Poor



Feeding the Poor


Feeding the Poor


It is a thrill to have you on board with our mission to provide incredible, premium all natural products which feel delightful, smell amazing, and really work while simultaneously blessing people in need across the globe. Win - Win! Help us keep this great thing going, please share about your Rooted experience with others and also consider sharing this blog post and let’s watch your daily skin care routine enrich others! If you love our products, subscribe and get them delivered when you want them, also keep your eyes peeled for our refer a friend program and earn Rooted cash to spend on anything at our store. Thanks for choosing Rooted! 


Feeding the Poor


Feeding the Poor

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