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A House for Maria

You may remember our friend Mireya Torres from our February Good for Others project. Mirella’s generous heart and courageous appeal connected us to Anna Cristal, who we were so blessed to support (read Anna’s story here). Well, this past month as we were considering where to dedicate our Good For Others funds (that is the 10% that Rooted dedicates from every sale!), I received another text from Mirella. This time Mirella was reaching out on behalf of a family she knew from a neighboring town whose house was devastated by a fire. 

House burned

I asked Mirella to tell me more about the family in need, and as she shared about this family I knew this was where our Good for Others gift should be directed this month. July’s fire in the small town of Paredon, Coahuila Mexico left Maria Armenta, a single mother raising her four sons (Jose, Luis Enrrique, Miguel y Uriel) with nothing. Thankfully no lives were lost, but Maria and her crew found themselves at the mercy of God, and the generosity of others in their community, and thanks to Mirella, their need has reached our Rooted Community!

Feeding the Poor

Pictured above is Maria with two of her sons as well as some of those helping out.
Just last week we were able to wire the funds to bless Maria and her sons. The Good For Others support was enough to buy all the materials the Armenta family needed to replace their roof. It also provided money for some essential food staples and basic home goods. It is an incredible gift to see how month after month this growing Rooted community is making an impact for people all across the map!

Feeding the Poor

Feeding the Poor

Feeding the Poor

Feeding the Poor

 We want to keep this great thing going, and hope you can help us get the word out. Let your friends and family know that they can have their cake and eat it too. By switching to Rooted's ever growing line of amazing all natural skin care products and essential oils, they can enjoy the benefits of premium wholesome living, while collectively uplifting those in need! Win - Win! Share the good news, share this blog, tag and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and then buy your favorite Rooted goods.


You may remember in March, we sponsored a special Easter feast at a home for the elderly in Haiti. That connection inspired us to see what else we could do for the residents of Our Lady of Rest in Haiti. As it turned out a number of them were in need of dental care and dentures, but the home lacked the funding. That launched our check out tip feature by which those who feel moved to give a little extra can multiply the impact of our monthly Good for Others project. We dedicated the first few months of our tips (bonus giving) at checkout to raising enough to put new, and might I add BEAUTIFUL, smiles on the faces of Elivan, Lobo and Gan from our Lady of Rest. We couldn’t be more pleased and couldn’t be more touched by so many of  you who have made that gift, and those smiles possible! Keep it up!


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