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Good Work in Goa AND Nepal!

Good Work in Goa AND Nepal!

This month, Rooted for Good is doing something special - sponsoring two programs with your 10% of all sales!

Goa Program Aid Extension

We will be extending last month’s Goa outreach, while adding on a new program as well. As a refresher, the after school program serves one of the poorest communities in Goa. The family that runs the program has become friends of Brooke and Joseph’s, and it’s an honor to support their work! They have dedicated themselves to inviting children from the slum community to work on homework, study, and learn each day.

10% of all sales last month went to helping the after school program with resolving a drainage issue. They are almost there, but still short of funds, so we will continue to support them this month in addition to meeting another Good for Others need - but in Nepal!

A Nepal Couple Needs Your Help!

Zenobia is a Pakistani refugee who has been living in Nepal for at least ten years. She and her family have fled intense religious persecution in her home land and fled to Nepal for safety. Since Nepal is one of Asia's poorest countries, you can imagine that work is super hard to come by for refugees.

A little over a year ago, Zenobia married Zeeshan, another refugee who fled Pakistani. They have started a wonderful life together and are very happy, but are now needing to provide for their new family. 

Thankfully, both of them have a very particular skill that could help make a living for them both.

Support Another Small Business!

Zenobia and Zeeshan are highly skilled chefs and are hoping to be able to use their cooking gifts to provide for themselves.

With Rooted for Good's support, Zenobia and Zeeshan are hoping to begin a new business venture in Nepal by opening up a small food stall inside of a shopping center in Kathmandu: Nepal's capital. There, they would be able to do what they love and earn enough money to provide for their growing family.

For every purchase you make this month, you will be supporting both of these needs in Goa and Nepal. We are so thankful for your support and commitment to investing in the well-being of Zenobia and Zeeshan as well as getting the Goa children past the threshold to fix their drainage problem. On their behalf, we thank you!

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