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Our Roots

Over the 10+ years of our marriage my husband Joseph has asked me what’s on my “bucket list.”  We’ve been blessed with so many adventures in our marriage and ministry life, traveling to amazing places, working with incredible people, that for me that question has always been difficult to answer. In fact, as a mom of 6 BOYS, every day is a new adventure! (Joseph’s bucket list includes things like Sky Diving and Adventure Racing). One day in October 2020, Joseph came home for lunch, and I said “I think I know something that is on my bucket list.” He listened attentively for some exciting answer years in the making….”For at least one season in our lives, I want to use only all natural products!” As a Licensed Cosmetologist, I have always loved great skin care products; as a big family on a ministry budget, the extra cost of buying all natural products had not been feasible for us. Joseph said “Go For It!” The realization that this desire was bucket list level for me, meant that he was on board whatever we needed to do. 

Though we didn't know it at the time, that conversation was the seed for what would become Rooted For Good.  I love using healthy, all natural products, & I soon discovered that I love researching, creating and perfecting them as well! Turns out my family, friends, and neighbors also love them, and now we hope you will too!

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