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Isabel's Insulin

NOVEMBER: Isabel's Insulin

Isabel's Insulin

       We first met Isabel a little over 10 years ago on a service trip to a small town in Mexico. We have kept up some over the years. Isabel has a number of medical conditions that she manages, including her insulin dependent diabetes. A few year’s ago her husband had a good work opportunity with benefits which provided for their family and also covered Isabel’s medical needs. However, his job made Isabel ineligible for the Public Health system that she had depended on previously. Sadly Isabel’s husband lost his job due to an injury, and in recent year’s Isabel’s family has been without steady household income, and sadly without healthcare coverage. To get by, Isabel has taken up making delicious empanadas to sell in her city, but during Covid, that income dwindled.

        As a family we have personally been blessed to be able to help Isabel with a few of her medical expenses this year, but when she reached out in November for funds she needed to buy her insulin we were not in a position to help. Regardless, God heard Isabel’s prayers and thanks to a successful launch of our new Rooted For Good endeavor, our first Rooted customers made it possible for us to support Isabel and buy her over a month’s worth of her insulin! She has expressed her sincere appreciation to all of the Rooted community for your generous response to her real need!

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