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Support “Love Joy and Hope Foundation” This Month with Your Facewash!

Support “Love Joy and Hope Foundation”  This Month with Your Facewash!

Rooted for Good is partnering with a new ministry this month and giving them 10% of all sales, because their work is INCREDIBLE. After reading this blog, we hope you will agree that their work is not only amazing but also SO necessary.

Love Joy and Hope Foundation (LJH) is a Govt. Registered Trust dedicated to working with underprivileged children, families, and their communities to enable them to reach their highest potential by overcoming the insidious roots of poverty and injustice.

In a world where opportunities are not equally distributed, LJH stands as a beacon of hope for these precious lives. The LJH team is passionately committed to breaking down barriers and building bridges by identifying opportunities as they arise for these young lives and then leaving no stone unturned to ensure their journey is both promising and powerful.

LJH has various programs and initiatives, which strive to bridge the many gaps that exist by fostering an environment where children will not only flourish but also realize their dreams. Take a look at some of their projects, outlined below, and see where your 10% is going in this month of May.

“Drops in the Ocean” Project

Unclean drinking water is one of the largest threats to life in India. A simple drink of clean water is a luxury to many people there. Many villages in rural parts of the country don’t support water supply systems and people therefore have to travel far distances to get water, which oftentimes is not clean.

Think about it! What happens when one person, one family or one child is allowed to access clean water? Their lives are changed forever. The Love Joy and Hope Foundation has worked actively in rural areas providing facilities for clean water and other related facilities.

‘Drops in the Ocean’ entails several projects where bore wells have been dug and installed in three of these villages, to ensure that access to clean cool water is now made possible and travel to far distances to fetch water is not necessary anymore.

“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something” - St. Mother Theresa

“Bread of Life” Project

Despite India’s progressive economic growth and self-sufficiency in food grain production, high levels of poverty continue to persist. The statistics of underweight children, victimized by poverty continue to rise, making them more vulnerable to disease.

Moreover, the dramatic rise in the economy only exacerbates the issue of hunger.

The Bread of Life Project involves distributing fresh food to the poor & hungry children every month at various streets and by-lanes. The Food Distribution Program plays an important “socialization role” where food is not just served but served in an organized, friendly, and dignified manner.

The team of Love Joy Hope is voraciously committed to the cause of feeding the hungry. Lives are being saved by just a simple meal motivated by love.

“The Voice” Project

Today, education remains an inaccessible right for thousands of poor children in India. The numbers are growing due to persistent marginalization. If the current trend continues, millions of underprivileged children will probably never set foot in a classroom. The detrimental effects of uneducated poor children will continue to advance child labor, child marriages, and juvenile crime.

LJH believes that education remains one of the most powerful tools for empowering people to live more fulfilled lives.

“The Voice” is committed to seeing children reap the benefits of quality education and therefore a better future. With such hope, there is a greater likelihood that they will escape poverty, avoid exploitation, and improve personal health.

LHJ’s Voice Project has completed a school building in Khutil, a small rural village in the State of Maharashtra in western India. The school which first began in a small hut, now supports bigger, better facilities as well as provides school products. The children at LJH Home go to good English medium schools and have shown remarkable growth both in academics and extracurricular activities.

“The Walk of Hope” Project

Many of us are unaware that millions of people across the globe live barefoot lives. Barefoot children who are homeless or living in extreme poverty risk injury while searching for food or household items in garbage dumps and abandoned buildings, or while walking through open sewers and contaminated paths. In India, barefoot children are the most vulnerable of all. In addition to external abrasions, the un-hygienic conditions of living make them susceptible to parasitic and soil-transmitted diseases like hookworm, podoconiosis, and schistosomiasis.

It is a known fact that billions of shoes - unused and unwanted - are taking up space in OUR basements and closets. Shoes that we consider outdated are a treasure in a developing country.

LJH’s “Walk of Hope” has reached children in some rural parts of India where shoes and sandals have been distributed. Wearing shoes instead of walking barefoot offers these children protection and safety by reducing the risk of exposure to parasites like hookworms, pathogens, and hazardous substances.

A simple act of providing new footwear, done with love has the power to instil hope in a walk that is often marred with poverty.

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