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Food & Floors in the Philippines



One of the best parts of our work here at Rooted is getting to bless individuals, families and communities in need. Rooted is radically committed to sharing 10% of our sales to benefit those who could use a blessing in the developing world. On top of that, we get to partner with some of the most amazing people to make sure these blessings make it in a fruitful way to people in greatest need. This month, we had the privilege of partnering with our friends Junar and Dian Mardoquio. We met Junar and Dian about 5 years ago on our last visit to the Philippines (Joseph’s birth place). They are an amazing couple completely dedicated to serving the Lord and others. We have kept in touch a bit since then, and even journeyed with them through prayer and financial support over the last couple years as their oldest son, Justine battled cancer.


After a one year heart wrenching fight, Junar and Dian entrusted Justine’s life and soul to the LORD last July. We grieved with them, and continue to feel for them in this immeasurable cross.

Amidst this hurt and loss, it would be easy to understand if the Mardoquios felt no longer able to serve others in ministry. Stepping away from service, however, has not been their approach. In fact, when we contacted them about partnering with Rooted’s Good For Others initiative this month, they jumped at the opportunity to serve! Their hard work and heroic faith have taken our Good for Others impact to a new level this month.  



We invited the Mardoquios to pray about how to spend the funds we would send to bless others in their area in need. Junar responded “Dian and I prayed about it. In our barangay (neighborhood) the first people needs are food. Everyone is new here so it’s hard for them to find a job. We are planning to buy sacks of rice and groceries, divide it and give to every family that needs it the most.” We were excited to be able to convert your purchases of bath salts, essential oils, and face wash into a tangible experience of God’s mercy and comfort for the poor in this small community of the Philippines. So many here have been greatly impacted by the pandemic plaguing so many aspects of life across the globe. 



This month when you bought your Rooted products, you were able to equip Junar and Dian and their little helpers with the resources they needed to bless 50 families with food for a week or more! Here are a few of the families they were able to bless (we always seek permission from the people whose pictures and stories we share):

Food for the poor

(See more great stories below)


Thankfully for the Arcilla family, Junar and Dian didn’t stop at food. After witnessing that Jaime Arcilla and his family lived and slept in a small hut with only a dirt floor, the Mardoquios made a game plan to install a concrete floor for the Arcilla family. Some years ago, Jaime had suffered a stroke due to uncontrolled hypertension, this has limited his mobility and opportunities for employment. Thanks to the growing Rooted community, Jaime and his family can live, sleep and eat in a cleaner, more stable environment. Their heartfelt gratitude for this home improvement is a heart warming gift.


Building concrete floors


Thank you all for making this month’s Good for Others impact possible! Let’s keep the good news flowing, share these stories about what your favorite brand for all natural products is doing to uplift humanity! Also, consider subscribing for your favorite Rooted products so you never run out, all while helping others in need, WIN WIN!


Food for the poor
*If you would like to support the Mardoquios family ministry directly click here.

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